Introduction to electricity

Today we begin a new topic about electricity and we are going to watch this video. After watching it, you are going to answer these questions:

1.Where does electricity come from?

2. The nucleus is the center of the atom. What two types of particles are inside the nucleus? Which one has a positive electric charge and which one has a negative electric charge?

3. What are electrons attracted to?

4. Rubbing a balloon on fabric creates static electricity. Is this caused by an imbalance or balance of electric charges?

5. Two negative/positive charged balloons repel each other.

6. What do we use to contain electricity in a device?

7. Batteries have both negative and positive charges. Electrons move from the negative/positive side to the negative/positive side.

8. Conductors allow electricity to move through them.What is an example of a conductor? What conductor is commonly used in wires?

9. What is the V on a battery?

10. What type of circuit provides more than one path for electricity to travel? What type of circuit provides only one path?

11. What kind of circuit do you find inside a computer?

Finally, we are going to learn vocabulary playing with these bingos:


Electricity Bingo Iced White Chocolate Mocha

2 Respuestas a “Introduction to electricity

  1. Muy buen artículo sobre electricidad y buen vídeo explicativo.

    Me gusta


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