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We begin a new topic about computers and we are going to watch three videos in order to learn about these useful machines. After wathing these videos you have to answer some questions.

You can find the videos in these links:

For the 1st video:

Even though computers come in different shapes and sizes, they are all made of the same parts. These parts, the _______________, do a lot of work in computers.

A house needs a basement to store things just like a computer needs a ____________ to store information.

Computers use __________ to make information easier to access. Does this make computers faster or slower?

Like a butler, the __________________ makes sure the computer completes tasks and remains organized.

For the 2nd video:

Without __________________, we would not be able to understand computers. This makes the computer alive, easy to use, and built for people.

What are the two kinds of software?

The _______________________covers the basics, like using the mouse, saving files, or fixing problems.

To personalize the computer and make it more useful, we add __________________. For example, in order to edit photos or create designs. We can download them from the internet or buy them at the store.

A software program is similar to a set of ______________ for your computer to follow.

For the 3rd video:

In order to access the internet, we need a connection from our home to the online world. What do we use for a connection?

In order for us to understand the code sent through the connection, we need a _______________. It translates information into images and words that we see on a website.

The code comes from a _______________. The words and images live there.

Each server and website has its own unique _____________________. This allows us to visit a page on any server on the web.

Why do we call it a web?

Webpages use shortcuts, called _______________words and images that we click to direct us from page to page. This makes the world wide web easy to navigate.