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The movement of the electron

We are going to read a text about the movement of the electron clicking on this link:

After reading this information, you have to answer these questions:

  1. What is the most widely used form of energy?
  2. What does electricity run?
  3. What do you need to produce electricity?
  4. What is it called when electrons build up on an object before jumping to another object nearby?
  5. Name two things that can be charged with static electricity?
  6. What do all atoms have?
  7. Name the two things that make up the nucleus.
  8. What are electrons attracted to?
  9. What are electrons repelled by?
  10. What is an electrostatic force?
  11. What is the charge of a proton?
  12. What is the charge of an electron?
  13. What happens in conductive metals to the outermost electron?
  14. Name a metal that is a very good electrical conductor.
  15. What happens when electrons collide with other atoms?
  16. What happens to the outermost atoms in insulator materials?
  17. Name two materials that are insulators.
  18. What prevents the flow of electricity?
  19. True or false: gravitational forces are stronger than electromagnetic forces?

In order to check your answers, you can watch this presentation.

If you want to learn more about the movement of the electron, you can watch these videos.

Electric circuits

Visit this webpage and click on Voltage, Current, Resistance. You will make electric circuits on line and you can put an ammeter or voltmeter in order to check your answers in circuits you solved before.

We are going to review what we have learnt in this link:

This web page has information about electric circuits and activities.


Voltage, Current, Electricity and Magnetism

This is a good video to understand voltage, current, electricity and magnetism. After watching this video you can answer these questions in order to check what you know.

1. What type of charged particles create magnetic fields?

2. What is a magnet?

3. What do we call the two sides of a magnet?

4. Magnetic fields exert a force on what?

5. Magnetic fields can also be created by ______________ through a _______________ .

6. What causes the magnetic field to reverse direction?

7. How can we make a magnet rotate?

8. Electric fields can also be created by a magnet field which is ________________________ .

9. The changing magnetic field creates an _______________________ which _________ the charged particles.

10. To maintain a moving magnetic field what must the magnet do?

11. How do pòwer plants generate electricity?

12. What happens when there is AC current and AC voltage?

13. What happens when there is DC voltage and DC current?

14. Radios and cellphones communicate through _______________________________ .

15. How is visible light different than radio waves?

16. X Rays and Gamma Rays are also electromagnetc waves with _________________________ frequencies.


Introduction to electricity

Today we begin a new topic about electricity and we are going to watch this video. After watching it, you are going to answer these questions:

1.Where does electricity come from?

2. The nucleus is the center of the atom. What two types of particles are inside the nucleus? Which one has a positive electric charge and which one has a negative electric charge?

3. What are electrons attracted to?

4. Rubbing a balloon on fabric creates static electricity. Is this caused by an imbalance or balance of electric charges?

5. Two negative/positive charged balloons repel each other.

6. What do we use to contain electricity in a device?

7. Batteries have both negative and positive charges. Electrons move from the negative/positive side to the negative/positive side.

8. Conductors allow electricity to move through them.What is an example of a conductor? What conductor is commonly used in wires?

9. What is the V on a battery?

10. What type of circuit provides more than one path for electricity to travel? What type of circuit provides only one path?

11. What kind of circuit do you find inside a computer?

Finally, we are going to learn vocabulary playing with these bingos:


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