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Voltage, Current, Electricity and Magnetism

This is a good video to understand voltage, current, electricity and magnetism. After watching this video you can answer these questions in order to check what you know.

1. What type of charged particles create magnetic fields?

2. What is a magnet?

3. What do we call the two sides of a magnet?

4. Magnetic fields exert a force on what?

5. Magnetic fields can also be created by ______________ through a _______________ .

6. What causes the magnetic field to reverse direction?

7. How can we make a magnet rotate?

8. Electric fields can also be created by a magnet field which is ________________________ .

9. The changing magnetic field creates an _______________________ which _________ the charged particles.

10. To maintain a moving magnetic field what must the magnet do?

11. How do pòwer plants generate electricity?

12. What happens when there is AC current and AC voltage?

13. What happens when there is DC voltage and DC current?

14. Radios and cellphones communicate through _______________________________ .

15. How is visible light different than radio waves?

16. X Rays and Gamma Rays are also electromagnetc waves with _________________________ frequencies.