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Crossword about plastics and textiles

This is a crossword about plastics and textiles. Try to solve it before checking the key.



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Link to an interactive crossword

Presentation about plastics

This activity consists of doing a presentation about plastics. We are going to use LibreOffice Impress, a free and open-source software.

Your presentation should contain the following information:

  • An initial slide showing the title “Plastics” and a subtitle explaining the definition of a plastic.
  • A slide dedicated to the properties of plastics.
  • Three slides focused on each type of plastic: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers. All of the slides should include text about the properties of this each kind of plastic, and images related to these materials.
  • Slides referring to industrial plastics. Each of these slides should include:
    • Properties of this type of plastic.
    • Its uses.
    • Images of objects made of this material.
  • Finally,  set the slide transitions taking into account that you should be able to easily read the information.

It is up to you to customize the animation of the slides by adding different effects.

You have to send your presentation to

Remember to attach your file and write your name and surname.




Technological materials. Bilingual Technology.

Fabrication of plastics

We are going to visit these links in order to study the manufacturing of plastics.