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Properties of materials and wood tools

In this post we are going to study the properties of materials and wood tools working on a crossword and in presentation with a bingo at the end.

Properties of materials

In this video of Tigtag you will learn about properties of materials. After watching the video, answer these questions:

  1. Why are greenhouses made out of glass?
  2. What is a property?
  3. How can materials be grouped together?
  4. What does porous mean?
  5. What does transparent mean?
  6. What properties does glass have?
  7. What are some examples of properties of wool?
  8. What are sand paper’s properties?
  9. What are the properties of the metal steel?
  10. What are the properties of rubber?
  11. What material would you want to bridge out of?

Link to a presentation about the questions.

Crossword about wood vocabulary

Try to solve this crossword to learn vocabulary about wood.

Crossword about wood and its derivates

This is a crossword about wood and its derivates. Try to solve it before checking the key.


Download crossword

Download key

Paper making

We are going to watch this video about paper making by Miles Rose.

After watching this video, you have to answer the following questions:

1. How many trees do you save recycling 1 ton of paper?

2. Which is the first step in the process of paper making?

3. How do we cut the wood in this process?

4. Can you explain what we do after getting a paste?

5. Can we make paper working with another process?