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Properties of materials and wood tools

In this post we are going to study the properties of materials and wood tools working on a crossword and in presentation with a bingo at the end.

Tools con Scratch

Comparto en esta entrada un programa que he realizado en Scratch para aprender la pronunciación de algunas herramientas usadas en el aula de Tecnología.

Si quieres ver el programa, puedes acceder al mismo en Scratch, ya que está compartido en mi perfil.

Para arrancar el programa haz click en la imagen de abajo.

Technology vocabulary

In this post we are going to study some useful words in Technology. It will help to understand all the units we are about to start.

Click on this link and you will learn about tools and actions with tools. These exercises are shared by the Technology department of IES Illanes.



Pop riveting and hot glue gun

In these links from we can study pop riveting and how a hot glue gun works. After watching these webpages you can answer the worksheets I gave you in the classroom.

How to use a rivet gun

We are going to begin a new topic about joining systems.
Today, you are going to watch this video called how to use a rivet gun.

After watching it you have to answer these questions:

1. What is the purpose of rivet gun?


2. What type of rivet gun is in the video? Hand operated, air operated or electrically operated?


3. To install the rivet, the handles must be first unlocked or locked?


4. Why are there more than one mounting attachments on the rivet gun?


5. When you squeeze the handles, or apply pressure, what happens to the rivet?