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Prácticas con Tinkercad

Las posibilidades de Tinkercad en la materia de Tecnología son muchas. Podemos diseñar figuras y simular circuitos eléctricos y electrónicos.

En esta entrada voy a compartir unas prácticas guiadas muy interesantes y didácticas de diseño de figuras en Tinkercad, realizadas por el profesor Miguel Madueño.


The life cycle of a plastic bottle

Wach this video about the life cycle of a plastic bottle from beginning to end. Then answer the questions in your notebook.

Who are the characters in this story?
a) plastic
b) three plastic bottles
2. Plastic is made of _____________.
a) pellets
b) oil and gas
3. How much plastic ends up in landfills?
a) all of it
b) hundreds of millions of tons
4. Rainwater flows through the waste and absorbs toxic compounds. The toxic water is called leachate, and it ____________________.
a) evaporates
b) can move into groundwater, soil and streams, poisoning ecosystems and harming wildlife.
5. How long can it take for a bottle to decompose?
a) 100 years
b) 1000 years
6. How many plastic-filled trash vortexes, or gyres, are there in the world’s seas?
a) one
b) five
7. Why do the animals eat the plastic?
a) They think it’s food.
b) Because they are starving.
8. Do most plastics biodegrade?
a) Yes, they do.
b) No, they don’t.
9. Bottle number three is _____________.
a) in the Pacific Garbage Patch
b) recycled

Video “The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle” TED ED

Source: Liveworksheets.


The scale of a drawing is the relationship between the size of the object in the drawing and the object in real life. Drawing an object to scale means enlarging or reducing all its measurements in proportion.

This is an interesting presentation about scales made by Isabelop.

Crossword about Project Planning

This is a crossword about the topic Project Planning. Try to solve it before checking the key.

In this link you will find an interactive crossword.



Crossword about Structures

This is a crossword about Structures.

Download crossword

Link to an interactive crossword