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Paper making

We are going to watch this video about paper making by Miles Rose.

After watching this video, you have to answer the following questions:

1. How many trees do you save recycling 1 ton of paper?

2. Which is the first step in the process of paper making?

3. How do we cut the wood in this process?

4. Can you explain what we do after getting a paste?

5. Can we make paper working with another process?


Crossword about Graphic Expression

This is a crossword about Graphic Expression. Try to solve it before checking the key.

Download crossword

Download key

Link to an interactive crossword

Views of an object

We can look at an object from three different viewpoints, getting the front view, plan and side view.

The front view shows us the front of the object, and it is the view that more information provides.

The plan is the view of the object from above.

The side view is the view of one side of the object.

To practice how to find out all the views of a figure, click on these links to work on activities shared by

Views of a figure (Starter level)

Views of a figure (Intermediate level)

Crossword about the technological process

This is a crossword about the technological process. Try to solve it before checking the key.




Technology vocabulary

In this post we are going to study some useful words in Technology. It will help to understand all the units we are about to start.

Click on this link and you will learn about tools and actions with tools. These exercises are shared by the Technology department of IES Illanes.