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Technology vocabulary

In this post we are going to study some useful words in Technology. It will help to understand all the units we are about to start.

Click on this link and you will learn about tools and actions with tools. These exercises are shared by the Technology department of IES Illanes.


Introduction to electricity

Today we begin a new topic about electricity and we are going to watch this video. After watching it, you are going to answer these questions:

1.Where does electricity come from?

2. The nucleus is the center of the atom. What two types of particles are inside the nucleus? Which one has a positive electric charge and which one has a negative electric charge?

3. What are electrons attracted to?

4. Rubbing a balloon on fabric creates static electricity. Is this caused by an imbalance or balance of electric charges?

5. Two negative/positive charged balloons repel each other.

6. What do we use to contain electricity in a device?

7. Batteries have both negative and positive charges. Electrons move from the negative/positive side to the negative/positive side.

8. Conductors allow electricity to move through them.What is an example of a conductor? What conductor is commonly used in wires?

9. What is the V on a battery?

10. What type of circuit provides more than one path for electricity to travel? What type of circuit provides only one path?

11. What kind of circuit do you find inside a computer?

Finally, we are going to learn vocabulary playing with these bingos:


Electricity Bingo Iced White Chocolate Mocha