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Mechanisms: inclined planes, the screw and wedges

We are going to watch these videos about the inclined plane and the screw.

After watching these videos you have to answer these questions:

Inclined Planes

1. Energy is the ability to do WHAT?
2. Work = ×

3. Why did he slice the barrel into four barrels?

4. Lifting the barrel exerts the same amount of energy as using the plank. So why is the plank a better idea? Why is it considered a simple machine?

5. The pyramids were built using the same principle of standing on an escalator. Explain why.

The Screw
1.Why is the mountain road considered a simple machine?

2. Why can’t cars go straight up the side of the mountain?
3. What type of inclined plane is the road that goes up a mountain or  a screw?
4.What does a screw help you do?

Now we are going to review the inclined plane filling the gaps in activity 21 from this topic made by Carles Egusquiza Bueno.

Finally, you have to answer the activity 28 from this topic.